Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Ethiopian Adoption timeline

Approximate funds needed: $28,000
Anticipated time: once our dossier is completed, there is an average wait time of 9 months for a referral. The average time from referral to gotcha day is 4 months.

August 22: attended info meeting with Gladney
Sept 24: mailed initial application
Oct. 2: phone orientation with Judy Hayes
Oct. 6: mailed application and application fee ($250) to Gladney
~ waiting for God to provide funds to proceed ~

January 1: received bonus and refund of paycut, which was exactly the amount we needed. Yea God!
January 4: mailed Gladney check for $4250.00
January 5: fretted over hiring Kate Sawyer to help with dossier. Finally decided to do it. Realized amount earned from Smockaholics was exactly the amount she required. Yea God!
January 6: Missy's medical exam
January 18: Walker's medical exam (significantly more invasive than Missy's, which Missy considers a small payback for four childbirths)
February 8: Missy fingerprinted for FBI, thinking it would feel very Sydney Bristow, instead felt like a femme fatale on Law & Order. Surely the giddiest person to ever be fingerprinted at the Harris County Courthouse
February 12: Pick up forms from doctor - discover doctor did not follow clearly stated directions and run off report on letterhead. Return to doctor and have them stamped instead and hope that works.
February 14: Homestudy
February 16: spilt water on un-letterheaded doctor forms!! DOH!!
February 17: mailed packet of dossier papers to Kate Sawyer, including unletterheaded, waterstained doctor forms
~ waiting for God to provide funds to proceed ~
February 16: Walker fingerprinted for FBI. Takes Shepherd with him for what will hopefully be the first and last time he sees his daddy being fingerprinted by a cop
February 17: received tax refund :) Yea God!
February 17: sent off FBI fingerprints and gasp at the $60 required to have them overnighted there and back
February 17: mailed off I-600A ($760)
March 3: mailed last of application to Gladney (minus references, floor plan sketch and children's health reports)
March 3: received paperwork back from Homeland Security because I didn't have Walker sign a page - DRAT.
March 4: REmailed paperwork to DHS
March 6: fundraiser garage sale hosted by the Fatherees - raised almost $1200! Yippee!!

March: Ethiopia changes law requiring us to visit twice now. Bittersweet. Also will require about $5000 more in funds for the extra trip.
April: waiting on UCIS, waiting on the FBI, waiting on our passports, waiting....waiting....waiting....
April 9: mailed in the kids' medical reports, which will complete our homestudy requirements


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