Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who are we?

Ingram, aka Ike,4
Loves: vacuums, yogurt, cars, Tom & Jerry, throwing things, shouting No, cuddling. Doesn't love: not getting his own way.

Maggie Belle, she's 5
Loves: painting, taking her clothes off, bathtime, stickers, "clean" paper, glue, Hi-5, "pwincethethis"
Doesn't love: being the little sister, bedtime, the word No (unless she is saying it)

Eva Rose, aka Sissy, 6 going on 16

Loves: pink, shoes, artwork, candy, bathrobes, nail polish, lipstick,, broccoli
Doesn't love: staying in bed, obeying Mommy, and cleaning up

Shepherd, age 7
Loves: Jesus, root beer, Tabasco sauce, military books, military toys, military clothes, military TV shows
Doesn't love: when the babies destroy his Lego creations

Missy, aka Mommy

Loves: her family, sleep, Indian food, massages, good bible studies, Diet Coke, stinky cheese, reality TV, wheat beer with a lemon, girlfriend time, and she has a thing for Jesus
Doesn't love: lack of sleep, wet toilet seats, the prosperity gospel, the orphan crisis, bills, Christians who give Jesus bad PR

Walker, aka Daddy
Loves: his wife, his kids, his God, weekly communion, Brian Regan, Prince, political blogs, ribs, collecting books, dark beer, writing, traveling, ice tea
Doesn't love: toys all over the house, food on the floor, cottage cheese, golf, moody wives

Feel free to email me at itsalmostnaptime @ gmail . com.


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