Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today my mom is - ok what year is it - 2007 right - she is 72 years old.
I could come up with 72 reasons why I love my mom but I will limit the list to 7:

1 - She loves me and my husband and my kiddos more than anything in the world, except my brother
2 - Since I was raised by her, even though it completely counters my personality type, I have a fairly organized pantry and fridge. But she still re-organizes mine when she can't take it anymore
3 - And she taught me to manage money, via quite a bit of tough love. Any fiscal mismanagement on my part is a conscious choice (sigh). She also taught me how to bargain shop which comes in quite handy these days
4 - as soon as she felt like her management techniques had been instilled, she began to spoil me (and now us) rotten with all the money she didn't use to buy me parachute pants and Polo shirts and Camaros in the 80s
4 - She will spend hours outside with my children even when it is hot or rainy
5 - My children think she is walking talking candy factory
6 - She gladly skips her ballet class or yoga class or tap dancing class if I need her to babysit so I can go to the dentist
7 - She taught me how to love my children unconditionally, discipline them fairly, and sacrifice for them daily so that these values are being passed down to them now and hopefully, to many generations to come



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