Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Because I wasn't wasting enough time on the internet already

Ok, ok. I have done it. I have entered the world of family blogging. For all of you who have begged me to blog (ok, actually, only a couple of you) I have succumbed. Ya'll know that I have been trying to blog about deep thoughts for a while now and my success rate thus far is one post every 9 months. Why? Because I have four toddlers. And with four back to back pregnancies, my brain was stuffed in a cinch sack and pitched into a pond of estrogen. Mewing helplessly the entire way. Sinking slowly to the bottom...landing between an old can and a boot...bubbles floating to the top...oh, how I miss my old brain. Along with um, several other body parts. Anyhow with deep thoughts so few and far between, combined with the time and effort to commit a masterpiece to cyberspace, well, I will have posted about 8 more times before my 50th birthday. But this...undeep rambling thoughts...this I can do! And I do think that it gets pretty entertaining around here.

First off, let me issue an apology. If you run a family blog, I have made fun of you in the past. Sorry about that. A worldwide web of comeuppance. Now that that is out of the way...

Man, choosing a blog name is hard, huh? Especially when the best name of all time, Blogahon, is already taken. My first choice, Four Under Four, was taken too! Can you believe the nerve of some other mom to use my name? At least I nabbed it for my amazon username. Take that, Kristin (and congrats on the twins). So I had to rack my brain for common terms around our home. Stopbeingugly.blogspot.com - taken, by a someone even more negative than a mid-tantrum Eva Rose. Try again. When we are surrounded by 110 cummulative pounds of melodrama, Walker will often look at me with a maniacal look on his face and shout over the whining "The fun never ends!!" Taken. Jeez. I thought youmaychoosetoobeyoryoumaychoosetogetaspanking.blogspot.com wasn't quite catchy enough. Stopandsmellthediapers.blogspot.com while quite clever in my mind is just too depressing. Finally I realized the house mantra truly is "It's almost naptime." Repetition of this phrase and coffee is what gets me through each morning. Chanting "it's almost bedtime" and Diet Coke gets me through each afternoon. I wonder if doesthatmakemeabadmom.blogspot.com was taken?


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