Friday, August 24, 2007

We have a sleeper!!

This adorable boy ate a late night Similac cocktail about 10:30pm. At about 6am I did the Mommy Vitality Poke (a delicate balance achieved with time and experience, utilizing just enough pressure to make an infant flinch slightly to show signs of life, but not enough to wake him). He passed that test and did not cry until 6:40 this morning. Hallelujah!! We have a sleeper!!

In the interest of not further fracturing an already fragile nation, the result of which could lead us vulnerable to more Al Queda attacks, I will not discuss the ways and means of arriving at this glorious event (for a very articulate post on the topic, refer to Charlton the Cynic here) All I am saying is, Hallelujah! He sleeps! Hence, I have a brain enough to post and it's not even 7am!

This baby, I tell you. Could not be more adorable. If I could find a way to bottle up his smell and sell it on Ebay, he would have enough cash to spend his entire 20s and probably half his 30s pursuing just one more graduate degree. I wish you could scratch and sniff the photo above and just inhale. Ohhh, he is sweet and the giggliest one so far. He was born 6 weeks early and scared us to death on his birthday, and spent about two weeks in the NICU. He is still small - only 14 pounds, although that is already twice his birthweight. Yes, I have ginormous babies, all 5'1 of me, even the preemies. Physically, he seems closer to 4 months than 5 months (mentally, of course, he is doing calculus between naps). My other three were living in their exersaucers and Johnny Jump Up by this point. I put Ike in his exersaucer yesterday and the sweet thing had a look on his face like, I'm trying to like this, I really am, I know all the cool four month olds are into it - and then like a riptide his 3 year old brother crawled underneath the saucer and bent his legs back awkwardly and he screamed and let's just hope it did not permanently scar him. And the Johnny Jump Up would surely induce whiplash. He still sleeps most of the day like a newborn too. (If he were my first, that would make me sad, because I would want to play with him more. But he is my fourth, so that makes him The Favorite.) Anyway, all's right in the world because....we have a sleeper!!


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