Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No use crying over it

I am sure the others were just as into everything at this age. I do have a memory of Shepherd meeting Aunt Jemima (I was folding laundry, heard "Um! Um um UM!", and found him in the kitchen on his tummy in a gigantic puddle of syrup, euphorically licking his hands and arms).

But I guess, like labor, God's grace allows us to forget the majority of this stage in their lives. Otherwise, we might not continue to propagate the species.

The only downside to such gracious amnesia is that I am freshly shocked at how much damage one small child can do with one packet of instant oatmeal, in a matter of seconds while Mommy tries to track down the diaper wipes.

Or the powdered sugar that little arms
couldn't reach just a week ago.
I suppose for the opportunistic sibling, it is manna from heaven.
Notice Eva Rose's tongue trail?

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