Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beginning to look a little like Christmas

We returned today from the beach house we went to for Thanksgiving. It was in Surfside - that's Ron Paul territory, for all you devotees - and the nicest house we have ever gotten (mainly because this year I planned ahead instead of frantically booking a leftover in early November) and this was a blessing as we spent most of our time inside of it. Because it was RAINY and COLD. Freezing cold. The kids only made it down to the beach twice. Sadness. But they still had a great time running all over the porch and Walker and my mom and I had a great time after they went to bed eating carbs and drinking wine and playing Rummicub, for which I still hold the Thanksgiving Title, thank you very much.

Friday night Walker and I got to go out for our anniversary without scrounging for a babysitter, and that is fantastic. We had a pretty good dinner at The Red Snapper - the best gumbo we've ever tasted, a soso entree, and amazing creme brulee. In Surfside, who knew? You know you're in Surfside when: your wine only costs $4 a glass (that was like a 90s flashback) and the restaurant closes at 9pm on a Friday. Anyway, it was fun to get out.

The only way that I lured the kids away from the beach without major meltdowns was with the promise of putting up the Christmas tree when we got home. Now I was raised by a woman named Frieda who takes decorating at Christmas time Very Seriously. According to her, the best invention of the 21st century thus far has been the prelit Christmas tree. This is a woman who every year declares, "I am going to get rid of some of my Christmas stuff, and not buy anymore." And yet, repeatedly, every inch of flat space in her home is covered with Santas and angels and nativity scenes. And you know what they say about turning into your mother...

We always had two trees growing up, a mom angel tree and a kid Santa tree. Mom has ensured that the two tree tradition (say that fast) be carried on with my family. The old tree we had for the kids was indisposed so I saw an ad for a $25 Christmas tree - prelit - from Big Lots last week, and she motored on over to get it. So the kids and I pulled it out of its box and. Well. It looks like it cost about $25 at Big Lots. A little Charlie Brownish. All the more reason to completely cover it with all the Santa, ok if they break (some are so tacky, it is more than ok if they break) ornaments from when Frieda did actually get rid of some of her Christmas stuff. I noticed more than one in there that I had given her as a kid and she had pretended to like. Hmmm.

Not having to do lights really is a fantastic yuletide advancement. I put the beads on first, after having to toss all the white ones because they smelled like cat pee-? Not the red beads, just the white. Go figure. Then the kids got to work. They were absolutely elated. Shepherd said over and over, "I am SO HAPPY. I am decowating. I am SO HAPPY Mom!" And Eva Rose pulled each ornament out and exclaimed, "This one is SO COOT!"

We're taking bets on how many times Maggie will pull over the tree. Place your wagers in the comment section!

I like this picture because it looks like one of those 1950s Christmas family photos. Maggie is in new pjs, size 2T, and they absolutely swallow her. Look at the feet!


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