Monday, November 12, 2007

I do so hate daylight savings!

You know some parts of the country don't even do it. I imagine a lot of mothers got together and stormed the capital or something. At 5am. Carrying torches and pushing strollers.

I am a great big believer in schedules. It is the elementary teacher in me I guess. I start to schedule my babies the day they come home from the hospital, and for the most part, we do the exact same thing at the exact same time every day. Well, at least that was before Ingram came along...and since April I am still trying to get my groove back (it's been seven months, so my groove has quite possibly gone the way of my flat tummy, but I will never give up either dream). For me, a perfect week consists of redundant days, begun by redundant mornings which start at about 7:15am - day in, day out. Niiiiiiice and predictable.

My friend Jenny has a son named Joel who, also loosely scheduled, at age 3 began waking at 5am. I listened to her in horror for months as we pondered solutions. Nothing worked but time - eventually he just outgrew it.

So when Shepherd began doing the same this summer, I was at least forewarned. Not that it made it any easier. Right about the time Ingram slept through the night, Shep began to awaken anywhere between 5:00 and 6:00am. Which resulted in him being exhausted and falling apart by noon - right along with his mommy.

For about three months, we threatened, cajoled, begged for him to stay in bed and not awaken his sister before the sun came up. We even punished. Nothing worked.

One morning I groggily mentioned our dilemma to Maggie's preschool teacher, and she gave me the golden ticket: Bribery. "Tell them you will give them candy if they stay in bed."

Bribing your kids with candy is something Pre-Mommy Missy probably had issues with, but Mom of Four, Sleepy, Desperate and In Touch with Reality Missy is all about results. And the glory is this: it worked. He still woke at about 6:30, but stayed in bed till 7:15. (Amazing how much resolve one Hershey's kiss will buy!) For the past two months, Shepherd and Eva Rose have had a piece of candy with breakfast each and every glorious morning, served by a bright eyed and bushy tailed mommy. Well, comparatively.

The dream has died. Literally.

Dang Daylight Savings. Shepherd is waking up about 5:30am. Even if he stays in bed till candy time, that means a still obnoxiously early 6:15am. Sure, I know lots of people are up and showering and driving to work and the totally weird ones are jogging and doing yoga at 6:15am. The weird good Christian ones are doing Quiet Time. I envy and admire those early birds...but hey, we are not in that club, and have no desire to join, just can't afford the dues, thank you very much.

Plus, their little bodies just can't hack losing an hour of sleep. The child who had dropped his afternoon nap is now really, really needing one. If he can't take one, he is a mess by dinner, he is so exhausted. Or he falls asleep at 4:30pm, like he did today. Then he stays up late...and the ugly cycle repeats.

Well, I guess some strive to early mornings, and some have early mornings thrust upon them. I knew we had a bizarre thing going, getting to sleep in that late with children. I knew it wouldn't last. But it was a beautiful, beautiful thing while it did.

We spring forward on March 8, 2008.
That's 121 mornings away.


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