Thursday, November 29, 2007

The joys of gender identity

Shepherd is at a stage where he is very into being just like Dad. He just came to me and said "Mom, I just poo pooed and I read. Just like Dad!" with a very proud look on his face. Snort!!

Last week he used a marker to make chest hair and a beard - just like Dad.

Of course anything Sheppy does, Sissy must do too. She marked all over her face and said, "Now I'm just like Mommy!" Ouch! Easy there! I know I'm overdue for an eyebrow wax, but that's harsh!

While we are on the subject of facial hair, has the government commissioned any studies on the obsession of men with their face? I guess when they are deprived of the versatility that we women have with cut and color, they have to experiment somewhere.

Walker grew a full beard over Thanksgiving, which did make him look very nice. I like the outdoorsy Colorado man effect.

However...his whiskers hurt his darling wife. I am just not into the feeling of tiny little razor blades across my delicate self when I try to kiss my husband. Finally he chose lovin over broadcasting his manliness and shaved. But shaving can't just be simple, it must involve a process, a very dorky process, one which he demands be chronicled for perpetuity.

Scary, huh? Looks way to much like Elmo's friend Mr. Noodle, who has always given me the creeps. Would you let this man near your children??

The obsession with personal hirsuitism is a family affair. Here is the sleazestache his brother Seante tried to convince Stephanie was perfect for their Christmas card photo. You know he lost that one.

It's just wrong on so many levels.


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