Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Project Christmasway - Wednesday

This is certainly not the best photo in my portfolio as a fashion photographer. This morning was rough - very disobediant whiney kids, which resulted in a very frazzled and irritated running late mommy, so no photos. I took them this afternoon when they had already reached ragamuffin status and Mags was throwing a supermodel hissy fit.

I think it's time for a heart-to-heart with Tyra.

Mags is modeling two Shelly handmedowns, a snowman sweater that makes her blue eyes go schroop and an OshKosh denim skort. Her snowflake tights are from the dollar store and are amazingly durable. The red leather shoes are vintage WalMart, purchased at a Mothers of Multiples garage sale for $3. They are so cute - they look so expensive, the stitching on them is phenomenal.

Ok, what is up with WalMart? I find the cutest old WalMart clothes, yet every time I am there (which is way more often than I desire), I wander into the kids' department in hopeful expectation and my dreams are dashed against the Dora sweatshirts and appliqued pants. They must have switched buyers. They need to offer someone over at Target a big signing bonus and three weeks vacation, that's all I can say.

Evangelina Ballerina is sporting a vintage Old Navy sweater with fur lined collar courtesy of Shelly and more candycane leggings. Oh, calm down now, these are way different than yesterday - these are the 2005 version, sans the velvet detail, ruffled edge polka dots and peppermints. Way different. Ok, I have two pair of candy cane pants in a size 3. It wasn't intentional, I promise. Sometimes I just get all caught up in the spirit.

Onto other house news: after months of practice, Ikey Wikey has just mastered a wonderful skill: he can hold his own bottle. Look at him show off with those big blue eyes -

Usually I don't mind holding him while he takes a bottle; it is a great opportunity/excuse to sit down, snuggle him, and fire up a Designers Challenge on the DVR. But there are other times when it would be very convenient for him to solve his own problem, eg, any night between 4 and 7pm, aka The Witching Hour.

He is such a cutie. Never was a baby boy more loved. And, like his big bro, he's a cool cat.

Well Heidi, Tim and the designers are beckoning so I'm off....


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