Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project Christmasway

I am very very blessed to be part of a ministry called Moms & Mentors, and today we had our Christmas brunch. So...

(hmmm, what happened to the festive Christmas tree backdrop?) All clothes by Boutique Targee'. Each year Target does a variation on the candy cane pant. They constantly tweak them to keep you guessing - a velvet ribbon one year, a more clustered candy cane pattern the next. Last year they did some with peppermints instead of canes, and that was all they were talking about at Fashion Week. This year's have bows. Gutsy! As you can see, each of the above are from a different collection. These were all purchased after Christmas clearance, which means each piece cost around $1-3.

My oldest friend Shelly has two slightly older girls, very good taste, and a shoe fetish. She showers down blessings on us in the form of handmedowns, including Eva Rose's biker boots, which are vintage Payless (pronounced Pay-leh, with that guttural French sound on the end.).

The final coup de grĂ¢ce is Magsy's Dorothy shoes. My mom bought these for Eva Rose when she was her age. They are TDF.

And if red glittery sparkly heaven weren't enough, they make a great click click click on the pergo. These are 2005 mary janes but the 2008 version is a ballet flat. Don't you wish they came in an 8? Where would you land if you clicked your heels? I'd be in a Sandals in the Carribean.

Falling Christmas Tree Count: 2.


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