Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas classics

When I think of Christmas, I think of brilliant works of music. O Come O Come Emmanuel, which was sung at our wedding; Silent Night; Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing; Handel's Messiah, and this:

My husband shared this with me the other night. It is one of the reasons why I love him.

If you are under 30, well, goody for you ;) If you are not, then when you watch this you will instantly be transformed back to a place and time where the permed bob was considered high fashion (she said, knowingly).

Ah, 1984 (test, did a Eurythmics song pop into your head when you heard 1984? Cri, cri, cr cr cr cr crime...if so, perhaps I bumped into you on the dancefloor at Numbers on Teen Night.) That's Shelly on the right. (Walker saw this picture and instantly said she starred in this other epic music video from the 80s. The things my beloved has stored in his head.) And yes, we are headed to Prom. Where we probably danced to Wham.
I am thinking of going on a personal crusade to bring those mall bangs back in style. It might add a good three inches to my height, which I could use to balance out this post baby poundage.

My word, is this the worst video ever made???
And did I see Ellen setting the table?

But I think the email exchange between Walker and his best friend Dave is equally amusing, mostly done when they should have been working:

On Nov 26, 2007, at 10:38 PM, Walker wrote:

Dude, say what you want but George's hair in this classic is FIERCE!!!

Its funny how fashions, hair, ski clothes, etc. have not changed on iota since 1984! I guess what comes around
goes around, huh? George's hair resembles a lightly frosted lion's mane. It's like a halo....protecting Squire Michael's from the evil clutches of female groupies.... And that "running" at the 3 minute mark????!!!!! I bet the video director, after take one said, in concerned tones, said "Yeah...Michael....really like the effort.... But on the running could you maybe...I don't know....not run like a little girl?" I have to say I kind of like the song, though..... Copying Missy and her 80's best-buddy Rosann...... W

Dave wrote:
Man... I'll never get that 4 minutes 37 seconds back. Unbelievable. GM's hair makes Swayze look high & tight.
Loved the slow finger-dragging across the cheesy diamond broach. Does anyone do that??? Slowly caress an inanimate object to bask in the memories??
But you're right Walker. I kind of like the song too. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

On Nov 27, 2007, at 10:57 AM, Walker wrote:
Nice comments on the broach!!!!! Missy was just making fun of that last night. Do people really do that??? If you were hanging out with a group of people - back when we were single - and some dude or chick started lightly caressing a chest ornament whilst throwing out come-hither looks in your direction, would you start feeling uncomfortable???

Dave, go back and look at the editing on the "gondola ascension" portion of the video. Would you consider that "dead time" that doesn't add to the narrative pull of the story? Why do they give that scene like 10 seconds of time?

Also check out the "GM Brooding" shot when he is looking at the other kids having fun while he's hanging on the fence.....its like he's saying, "I think I like her.....but somehow, for some reason, her friend Gunter is all I can think about...."

Also, is it believable that whilst hanging tinsel a strand could fall and as you endeavor to retrieve it your eyes lock on a girl below you and sparks fly. Is that how its done in real life???

Yeah - eyes locking whilst picking something up from the floor is a classic example of how true-to-life that video is. Happens ALL the time. Also how your significant other is oblivious to the endless gazes into your former lovers eyes across the room. So subtle.
Can you believe there was a time when this kind of video was cutting edge production?
But I still like the song though.....
Merry Christmas
Thank You


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