Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket?

Occasionally you meet a mom at the park or church or where ever that you just click with, so you talk a little too long into naptime. Good mommy friends are worth their weight in gold, so at the end of the conversation you really want to exchange phone numbers or emails! Of course that is the exact time all the children decide to throw fits or you realize you are almost late to pick someone up.

Soulution! Karla at Looking Towards Heaven has these Mommy Cards that you can quickly hand out. I think they are so cool! I am going to order some as soon as I can figure out which one I like best.

You can order them and see all the cute designs here, 50 cards for $30 (order 100 and receive 20% off and free shipping till Dec 31) or for $15, she will send you a .jpeg and you can print them off yourself as often as you like!


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