Friday, December 7, 2007

Distorted youth

Shepherd is totally obsessed with building all kinds of contraptions these days. Chairs and ottomans and stolen sisters' baby strollers are constantly re-constructed into cranes and bulldozers and firetrucks.

Thursday I walked into the playroom to see this latest very precarious sight

The look of horror on Eva Rose's face is so appropriate. Because, if you are a child of the 70s like I am, and you were just coming into middle school in 1982, then most likely your family, strongly spearheaded by your dad, had the brand new thing called Cable Television, with the clickety click box that sat on top of the TV with a cord attached that was long enough to reach the couch because, remember, there were no remote controls (horrors! Grandma, how did you survive?) And when you had sleepovers at your best friend's house, you played a little Frogger and a little Pitfall on the Atari and made a few crank calls before you watched movies on the cool new Cable TV. And a few specific movies, you saw over and over and over until you could say all the lines along with the actors.

Therefore, upon seeing the above chairs, you, like myself, instantly thought of this

And, the thought of that clown under your bed will still completely scare the biscuits out of you!!

I still can't here anyone say "They're here!" without having a Poltergeist moment. Heeebiejeebies.

Can you believe this movie was rated PG? Between this, the Amityville Horror, and Grease 2, it's no wonder we're all a little twisted.


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