Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Maggie Belle!!

Two years ago today, Santa came early and sweet Maggie Belle popped into the world. She went from the easiest labor and birth to being the easiest baby, to the easiest toddler. Then last week, she got a memo that said,

Hey, kid!
You're turning two!
Knock it off with the easy routine.
You're making the rest of us look bad.
All the Other Two Year Olds

Ever obliging, All the Other Two Year Olds will be happy to know that she has since answered every question with NO, upped the Mines considerably, and added some truly terrific temper tantruming.

Despite her hobbies of decorating anything but paper with markers and going swimming in the potty, Magsy still is an absolute delight. She's tiny, she is not precocious, which after her sister, I am reveling in, and she is the most laid back, independent, low drama little girl I have ever seen. And she is a complete sweetheart full of kisses and hugs. She blesses our family daily.

A few scenes from her party at Mimi and Granddaddy's last night, which she celebrated with Grandaddy, who shares her birthday. Here he is with six little beings (and one on the way, NOT me, but my sister-in-law Stephanie) who didn't exist five years ago

She got a Baby Maggie doll (see the box?), which she instantly adopted.

And hew own guitar, which her brother instantly stole. Notice his "guitar face". Some things are inherent, I guess.

Mags also got to see her cousin Wendy and Aunt Laurel. Maggie looks way more like Laurel than me, and Wendy and Ike could be twins. I'm sure some of my genes are floating around somewhere in Maggie, they just have yet to present themselves.

And she got to stick her fingers in her gingerbread birthday cake, made lovingly by her big sister and big brother and her big Momma, and graced with Mimi's tea-lights because same big momma forgot the birthday candles.

Happy Birthday Sweet Maggie! We love you so much!


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