Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

So far the evening has consisted of me printing online coupons, debating whether I should play the Grocery Game, loading the dishwasher, completing a load of laundry and trying to calm a 4 year old freaked out by the fireworks going off in our neighborhood (again).

Then it got real exciting...Walker declared he wanted to go to WalMart. Wheeeeeeee.

So I was thinking, man. We have officially turned into our parents. Staying in, watching the ball drop on TV in our jammies on New Year's Eve while our kids sleep upstairs. Now, I am usually resigned to the fact that the more kids we have the nerdier we get, but this, this is truly pathetic. I used to be So. Cool.

But, my man saved the day. He just returned from WalMart with a choice of two must see-except-I-never-get-to-go-to-the-movies, Waitress or Once, a six pack of Blue Moon, and some oranges to squeeze into them.

Oh yeah. Bring on 2008, baby!!

Now I just need to get a little boy out of my bed and we'll be good to go...

Happy New Year!!

Blessings upon blessings upon blessings to you in 2008!


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