Friday, December 7, 2007

Ode to My Sweet, Beautiful Wife

Hi Faithful Readers!!

This is a new feature in It's Almost Naptime, an entry from Walker, her husband.

You may recognize me the blondish, oafish, bearded dude in many of Missy's posts.

Glad to make your virtual acquittance!

You may be asking yourself, "Hey, what gives? Why is Walker writing in this? Isn't this Missy's blog?".

Good question, little grasshopper, good question.

The reason I have decided to write, for the very first time, today, at this very moment, in Missy's beloved (an increasingly popular) blog is because I am now in Austin, Texas, specifically at the home of my longtime, childhood friend, Brian.

"What?" you may be now asking yourself. "How can this be? Has Missy, finally pushed over the edge by Walker's breaking-the-sound-barrier snoring, inability to remember to both bag and take outside our children's nasty diapers, and all-around, well....clueless, Homer Simpson-like oafishness....pushed her, finally, to do the unthinkable?"

Well, the answer to these questions is yes, sadly, but that's not why I am in Austin right now.


First of all, keep in mind that my being in Austin is after me being in San Diego all week for business.

I haven't been home since Monday morning.

While I have been living the glamorous life of an international marketing manager, attending elegant dinners, being the toast of the town, enjoying the nightlife of one of America's most beautiful cities, Missy has been at home, taking care of all four, sometimes snotty, often devilish kids, all by herself.


Take my word for it, this is sheer hell for a Myers Briggs ENFP .

Now, after being in San Diego for several days I am now in Austin on the cusp of attending, for three third time, the fabled Butt Numb A-Thon film festival with Brian.

Again, while Missy is alone with the kids I will be hundreds of miles away, literally locked within a movie theater for over 24 hours with one hundred and fifty other film geeks, enjoying spectacle after spectacle.

Why, oh why, does she allow me to do this? Has she gone mad? Do you know how many cool, Christmas parties we missed this past week because of my traveling?

The only reason I can think of is.....miraculously....that she somehow loves me.

And I love her in return.

So very much.

And its not the small, obvious things that I love about her.....her piercing green eyes....her blemish-free skin...her thick, fragrant chestnut brown hair...her rosebud lips....her well-proportioned shoulder and neck architecture...her ripe grape-shaped toes....her pretty smile, radiant and freely given....

Its also the subtle things too that I love about her too, the things a little hidden, a little more obscure...things like her readiness to laugh at my jokes.....her fierce defense of home and hearth....the fact that she can whip-up, even after a long day of being a domestic goddess, delicious three-course meals in what seems like ten minutes.....her ability to multi-task like a hyped-up octopus on steroids, ever in motion, always on the run....

But most importantly I love that she shows the light of Christ ever single day to her husband. I have never known someone with such passion for Christ as Missy. She loves God and cherishes His promises to us. The Christian faith frames her life and scopes her decision-making.

She is a model of faith to me and I am so, so grateful to her.

I never did a thing to deserve her, its pure grace, no doubt about it.

So if you think that I am writing these words out of a small sense of guilt, you are probably a bit right but I am also writing them because I love her so much, and miss her so much and can't wait to kiss her lips and hold her tight and smell her hair and feel the reassuring heft of her as I pull her close to me.

I also can't wait to make it up to her...

Thanks, Pumpkin, for letting me Shanghai your blog....

I love you.....



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