Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa has landed in our house!!

Even though we forgot to leave out the cookies for him,
he still found us!

And he was done by midnight! Yea Santa!

Here's what he left Maggie:
a shopping cart, because she loves pushing things and her brother and sister always steal whatever she is pushing, so this is all hers. She can put her baby doll in front while she pushes. Recently Maggie is very interested helping Mommy sweep, so she got her own little mop. The phone/radio thingy is for playing with in the car.

Baby Ikey Wikey got one of those rolly polly things to encourage him to crawl, a toy that will stick on his high chair that I have been so tempted to pull out before now. Also a very cute little onesie with a T-rex on it. I halfway bought that onesie for Shep, because he will love it so much. The teddy bear - well, it puts Ike over his 3 present limit, but because he has nothing in his stocking but some Puffs, I am making an exception.

It is a princess Christmas for Princess Evangelina. She got a Cinderella Barbie (her first Barbie). She loves wrapping herself in a towel after her bath, so she will flip over this princess towel. And two days ago, she declared that Santa was going to bring her a princess dress up dress. Thanks for the short notice, Sister. Fortunately Santa had this one that was supposed to be a birthday present for one of her friends so he pulled a switcheroo. Santa's so resourceful.

This is for both girls to share. My mom bought this two years ago and it has been in a box in their closet ever since, waiting for its debut. I love how I can hide their presents right under their noses! Santa put it together tonight, with a little holiday cursing, of course.

I must say, this is what I am most excited about this Christmas. Seeing the joy on Shepherd's face when he sees this tool bench is going to make my year! He has been saying for two months now that he wants Santa to bring him a workbench. And this is the coolest thing ever. It has a power drill that works, and several other, um, tool things move. I can't wait till he runs down the stairs and sees it!
He is also getting Tinkertoys (which makes him an official American boy), Discovery Toys Travel Tracks, and a Joshua DVD in his stocking, because Joshua at the battle of Jericho is his favorite Bible story.

We have a tradition that each year, Walker picks out a dress for the girls all by himself. Often it is one I would not choose, but that is ok, because it is just from him. I can't wait til the girls are older and he can take them on dates to the mall to pick out their Christmas dresses. These are his choices for this year.
Maggie is getting the pink Sugar Plum Fairy dress from Orient Expressed. I am a homeshow rep for Orient Expressed, and I love everything they sell, but rarely can I get him to choose even one dress from them. Sigh. But he had to get the Sugar Plum dress because it is so Maggie. For Eva Rose, he chose this green velvet number last night at Macy's. She will love it.

My mom is sleeping here tonight so she can be here for Santa. Tomorrow my brother is coming over here and we will have a big breakfast, then make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Then hopefully I can get all the kids down for a nap and prevent the traditional Christmas Day meltdowns. Then in the afternoon we are headed to Walker's aunt Karen and uncle Dan's for the big family celebration.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!!



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