Saturday, January 26, 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid

The husband, aka, the Rain Man of all things political and pop cultural, now has a blog from which to release his idiosyncrasies on the world.

Scandals and Intrigues

A word on the title...way back when we were all single and buddied around together every weekend, most of us BSF leaders from the co-ed single young adult study (four marriages and so far nine babies came out of that leaders' group, I am headed to a baby shower for one of them today! Meeting twice a week to pray and discuss the Word is a good way to get to know and love someone.) Whenever Walker would see a gaggle of girls chatting he would come up to us, wiggle his fingers together under his chin, and ask, "Scandals and intrigues??" I thought he was fishing for gossip. He was really just fishing for a way to chat up the girls. After we got married, whenever I would share any scandal or intrigue with him, he would tell me it was not nice to gossip! Oh, much better for my sanctification, I know, and I'm grateful. But man, talk about a bait and switch!

Anyway, I am excited/concerned to see what he will share with the world, and also what his brother and old A&M RUF friends will comment back.

Should be interesting!


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