Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google Readers

For those of you who use Google Reader:

Several of my friends told me that they were not getting posts from It's Almost Naptime through Google Reader. Thanks to Ally, who figured out how to fix it!

1 - Go to your Google Reader and delete me.

2 - Then come back here and click "Subscribe in a Reader" and click on it and re-submit.

That way you won't miss one stimulating post at the life and times of Us.

You know what I discovered today? My kids' initials spell a word:

S hep
E va Rose
M ags
I ke

SEMI. That's right. As in a Semi-trailer. A gas-guzzlin Big Rig. Full of toddlers. That's my job! TRUCK DRIVER! Breaker breaker one-nine! (whatever that means)


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