Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heeeeeeere's Maggie!

When I was a little girl, for my friend Monica's tenth birthday, she had a slumber party. We probably played a little Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, dared each other to do Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror, and then watched Friday the 13th, the movie her parents had rented for us.

You know, an evening of good old fashioned satanic fun!!

What is UP with that? We were little girls!

Now I recognize that I am getting pruder and pruder the older I get and the more daughters I have. But why were we watching slasher movies over our Sunny D and Fruit Rollups? We saw them all, Halloweens 1 through 50, Carrie, Grease 2, Amityville Horror. And, of course, The Exorcist.

I wonder if horror movies suddenly started getting more graphic during the late seventies, and combined with cable TV and those new fangled VCRs (or Betamax), our parents were caught totally off guard. Maybe they were still stuck in the 60s, the golden age of Julie Andrews, so they abdicated their censorship duties out of pure naivety. Or maybe it was just right after the crazy 70s, when anything went.

I dunno.

Anyway, the damage manifests itself in my life in various unexpected ways - out of the blue, like how whenever I see static on the TV I have the urge to say "They're he-re" and how horizontal striped sweaters always make me think of Freddy Krueger. Really. Men, don't wear them. There's a whole generation of us out here who will wonder if you have a scary glove in your trunk.

I posted one of my Post Bad-80s-horror-movie Stress Disorder moments here.

Here's another sure sign of the damage, y'all.

I took this picture of sweet Maggie not long ago, as she kept opening the bathroom door saying "Hewwo!" as I was fantasizing about tee-teeing in peace. And yes, I had a camera in the bathroom. Why? Who can say.

When I downloaded at it, it instantly reminded me of someone....

You too?
Oh sister, are you as twisted as I am?

If you are clueless, that's a much younger Jack Nicholson in The Shining, one of the scariest movies of the decade.

We're thinking about showing it at Shep's birthday party next month. He'll be five. You think he's ready??


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