Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I got a new Momcut.

I decided a while ago that Katie Holmes had the cutest little momcut ever and I wanted to copy her. In that respect only, mind you - I will not be marrying any couchbouncers or joining Scientology (trust. me. on that one - have you ever read what they believe?) I just want her little Momcut. I want her clothes, too, but her hair is much more affordable.

Now, as is typical of me, I talk about getting my haircut for about four months before I finally make my way into a salon. There just always seem to be more pressing things for me to do when I have a kidswatcher for several hours than to go spend a lot of time and money being totally pampered and reading vapid magazines - as heavenly as it may be. But Sunday after church, while I was fetching a baby, my sweet husband called up Visible Changes, hung up the phone, and told me that I had an appointment for highlights and a cut in thirty minutes.

Have I mentioned before how great my husband is?

So, here it is. The new me.

It's hard to tell us apart, huh? I know, I know. And I have this strong urge to call Maggie Suri...


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