Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ingram - 9 months

He is so adorable. Precious and delicious and his little chubby thighs are so soft.

Ike was born 6 weeks early, which has been interesting to assess. He is not crawling yet. We still have his crib mattress on the very top rung - can you believe? Pulling up has never even occurred to him. He can sit, for about five seconds. Then his big ole floppy head causes him to fall forward and he rolls to the next toy.

When Shepherd was a baby, I was constantly looking at all the developmental milestones, checking to see that he crawled at exactly the right time and sat at just the right age and all that stuff. Now, it only occurs to me to compare when I see other babies his age. Because he is our last (biological child at least), I am really enjoying the fact that he is staying a baby a little longer. I wouldn't go back through the events of his birth and the NICU experience - they were quite traumatic. But the little delays that resulted, I am just appreciating. He will be crawling away from me soon enough. Right now, I still get to snuggle him a little longer.

Here comes the head


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