Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not Made in China

My friend Jennifer sent me this email today showing a woman's feet receiving chemical burns from some cheap flip flops she purchased at WalMart that were Made in China. Jen, being the responsible email forwarder she is, checked it out on, and it was true. Here is the link.

Now normally I might chalk this up to a random fluke. But just two nights ago, Eva Rose was in the bath. She is very into "pretty lady soap" and at Christmas she had received some sparkly turquoise liquid shower soap, also purchased at WalMart. She rubbed it on her tummy and very soon started screaming that it burned. Her entire torso was bright red, and there were welts on her tummy! I looked at the label on the soap and whaddaya know - Made in China. (I guess I should have reported it, but I already threw it away.) We rinsed it off, and after about ten minutes, the redness had gone away and she was no longer crying. Now we have pretty tough skin in this house...none of us have any allergies etc. Nothing like this has ever happened in the past.

I am normally not an alarmist about these things, but what with the toothpaste scares, and all the toy recalls, among others....ok. This is more than a fluke. No more Made in China in our house. I don't even know how practical this stance will be, but I am definitely going to try.


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