Monday, January 14, 2008

Psychics at Babycenter?

Shepherd has a new adorable hobby, and it is waking us up in the middle of the night. Ok, it's not really new. This has been going on, off and on, for about two years now. He was a fantastic sleeper as a baby, and he seems to be making up for it now. First he claimed he was scared, so a Fabreeze bottle became monster spray. Then he said he was sick, with some horrible illness that jumped from body part to body part because our conversations would go like this: "My tummy hurts." "I think you're tummy is fine."(pause) "My arm hurts." When that didn't work, he just quit making up excuses and gave honesty a shot. Last night Walker awoke at 3am to see a little boy in red footy pajamas standing in front of him, asking if he wanted to play. Yes, Shepherd! It's 3am! ALL daddies love to play at 3am!

This morning Walker and I discussed how we are really at our wits' end regarding this situation. We have tried everything we know to try.

This morning in my e-mailbox, an email from with the byline: "How to get kids to stay in their beds" with a link to here. The article describes a scenario like this: " It's 3 a.m., and you're sound asleep. Suddenly, you feel a poke a tap, then another poke."

Hmmmmm. Quite the coincidence.

Like most preschools, our's is constantly what Walker refers to as "Gestation Station". Preggos as far as the eye can see. An hour later, as I dropped the big kids off, I saw a gestater and I was shocked that I got a little longing stab to be pregnant! I really thought I was done with that.

On the way home, I pondered that feeling. I want more kids. We do intend to adopt more monkeys for this zoo. So that is not the problem. But to be pregnant again....oh. I absolutely do not want insomnia and sciatica and nausea and the awful awful exhaustion and crankiness brought on by the surges of hormones required to build a human. Not in the slightest. So why the little sad urge? And here is what I figured out - it was because she looked so stinking cute! I think pregnant women, especially ones who are only in their second trimester like she was, and wearing a cute top like she was, are so adorable. And I always got way - and I mean WAY - as in, 100% - more compliments when I was pregnant than when I am not. Way. Not that I miss that or anything. Way. So it is the cute little - not the gigantic - but the cute little baby bump I want. That's all. Immediately my inner voice said, "Well, I don't know why you're complaining then, honey. You got that." I looked down and, yup. Don't know why I'm complaining - a baby bump I do indeed still have. In fact, the lady giving me my pre-bunionectomy pedicure asked when I was due (and yet I still tipped her because I am so. gracious.) The babies came out and left their bumps behind. Bad babies.

I come home, look at email, and the byline says this: Why you may still look pregnant. Here's the linky to that one.

I bet if I click over to my email now, I will find one that says Quit blogging and go do some laundry.

Yup. I'm off.


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