Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of getting hurt

I just was walking down the stairs in this dumb ski boot from my bunion surgery, and slipped backwards and whacked Ingram's head on the front of a step :( He only cried a couple of minutes (I cried much longer) and then was smiley again - he does have a goose egg, so we are on concussion alert. The doctor said to wake him up at midnight to check on him. Please say a little prayer for baby Ike.

On a happier note, last night at bunko my friend Shelly brought this dip that was amazing. Very very easy and cheap and delicious - and even kinda low fat! Can't beat that. When you taste it, you cannot figure out what is in it. I guessed crab (krab with a K as my friend Laura said) but it is chicken. It's one of those dishes everyone will love. Here is the recipe she sent me.

Bunko Dip

1 fat free/lite block of cream cheese
large can of chicken breast (drained)
1/3 cup hot wing sauce
1/3 cup fat free/lite Ranch dressing
shredded cheddar cheese (~2 cups)

Spread cream cheese on bottom of a glass pie plate
Shred/spread chicken on top
Drizzle hot wing sauce and ranch (I spread it to make it even all over)
Add cheddar cheese and microwave until melted
Serve with wheat thins or other crackers

That's it!


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