Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Can you believe I went a whole day without blogging?? Oh, dear readers, did you miss me as much as I missed you??

Well about 10am yesterday, the internet just died. Blip. Gone. The phone line too. Thank the sweet Lord above the cable did not go out because really, WHAT would we have done??

In the spirit of a true miracle, my cell phone was charged. I called the company that owns our
cable/phone/internet/souls and was told that there was an outage in my area and no one could give me any idea when it would be fixed. Ok. Deep breath. Be patient.

At 3pm I called again. Outage in your area. No one in the planet has any idea when it could ever possibly be restored. Deep breath. Jesus would be patient.

10pm. Still no connection. Outage in your area. No one in the entire universe, including and not limited to any other universes that may yet be discovered, has any idea when your phone and internet will ever be restored. Deep cleansing breaths. There are many people with real problems in the world. If this is my biggest issue, I am a blessed, blessed woman. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I woke up this morning, fighting off the withdrawal shakes from going almost 24 hours without email. Same sad "connection failed" message.

Called again. I explained that I was not getting off the phone until SOMEONE, if they had to find Elijah himself, told me when I was getting my internet back. How ridiculous that I had gone this long. Ridiculous. What on earth. Just inexcusable.

The guy says, "I see there in an outage. But your house appears to be the only one affected. Hmmmm."


"Are there any lights on on your modem?"

This is the point when I had to remind myself that all I am is a name to this guy...I will never see him...he does not know me...."Um, no, no lights," I squeak.

"Ma'am, could you check to make sure the modem is plugged in?"

Now normally I like Half n Half in my coffee. This morning I took it with a little splash of comeuppance.

But, I sure did get lots of laundry done yesterday...


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