Saturday, February 2, 2008

A girl can dream

I think I am blessed in that I don't have a huge problem with coveting. I mean, it gets me from time to time, of course. But for the most part, it's not one of my top sins. Plenty of other's take that honor.

I rarely wish to be richer, taller, prettier, more athletic, smarter, blah blah blah. I figure God made me how and where he did for reasons, good reasons, only known to him. Until....

Until I hear someone sing really, really well, like Gillian Welch, Natalie Merchant, or Margo Timmins, of my alltime favorite band Cowboy Junkies. Then I fantasize about being the Hippie Chick Who Can Sing. And, then, envy creeps up on me like a melody.

I am sure if God had blessed me with a good voice, I would have used it to his glory. I
promise I would have! I would be the Christian Hippie Chick Who Can Sing. I would be best buds with Sandra McCracken and Leigh Bingham Nash from Sixpence None the Richer. I would wear really cute little flowerdy dresses and play guitar barefoot. Kinda like this. Except that she is not doing any of the aforementioned things but you get my drift.

But, in his infinite wisdom, God didn't give me an awesome voice. He gave it to Susanna Hoffs instead. Sigh.

You think in Heaven I'll get one??


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