Friday, February 8, 2008


I am a little behind on Lent.

It snuck up on me, like all things do these days (but in my defense, Easter is crazy early this year.) Therefore, I had not given much thought to what I was going to give up. Well, today, I decided. Sigh.

I am giving up sleep. And I am going to give up my God-slacking.

Y'all, the very fact that I was in tears when I announced this to Walker just now over our leftover fajita lunch is probably a sure sign that sleep has become a bit of an idol in my heart (insert lump in throat.) I have shared with you my struggles with insomnia and sleep deprivation brought on by- how many kids do we have now? Four. Add to that the fact that I have never been a morning person anyway. I really, really love to sleep in as long as possible.

Lately however, I have been feeling very convicted of it. I watched a Wife Swap where a mother exclaimed in awe, "I can't believe she doesn't get up before her kids!" and I thought, yeah, that not so good. Shep and Eva Rose typically play quietly in their rooms a few minutes before they come awaken us. But just two days ago Maggie Monkey began crawling out of her crib, and I am not at all comfortable with the idea of her being up unsupervised.

Also, when I do get to my Bible study, it is at night. This means that I get very inspired and...go to sleep.

My New Year Resolution was to get up each weekday morning and have some Jesus time. Well, like most NYR's, it never even got close to happening.

Lent, however, is different. Lent is the one time that I actually stick with what I proclaim because, well, because it's Lent. Musing idyllically over black eyed peas on January 1 is totally different than promising something to God, out of remembrance for His sacrifice on the cross (insert sniffle). Therefore, by virtue of giving it up for Lent, this means I am really, really gonna do it (sob).

Starting Monday, I will wake up between 6 and 6:15am and spend some time with the Lord. For at least 38 days....and let's hope longer.

Prayers are desperately appreciated...


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