Monday, February 11, 2008

Joy & pain

In a lot of ways, I feel like I have two little families. There are the "big kids" and "the babies". (Which is ironically exactly what Jon & Kate call their kids - and the similarities don't end there.) Shepherd and Eva Rose have their own little inside jokes, games, arbitrary rules, and specially developed ways to annoy the heck out of each other.

Now, I am starting to see the same relationship develop between Maggie and Ike. She greets him every morning with Hi BaBEEEE! and he thinks she is super cool.

So, I heard you cryin last night, how'd you sleep?

Good, good, me too. Lost my paci, but, then I found it.
Oh I hate that. You should try thumbs - you never lose 'em!
Oh, good idea, I'll look into that.

I got a mani pedi yesterday, check it out.

Look's good! I like how she filed them!
Yeah, I like this girl, Lin, gonna ask for her again.

You've got like a wart there or something, might wanna show that to mom.

Yeah, you're needing a little QTip time yourself, you know, bro?

(I told myself 20 times I would not add commentary, and then I just. couldn't help maself!)

Of course, this sudden awareness of each other means that the dark side of sibling relationships is developing as well. Sweet innocent Mags has also discovered the indescribable joy that comes from inflicting bodily injury upon one's utterly unsuspecting and trusting little brother. It has replaced nose picking as her favorite new hobby. The first time she did it, it was just a practice run, which I happened to catch for perpetuity. Ingram's first sister abuse, right here

Don't you love how when she gets rebuked she pretends she was just playing? "Hat. Hat." Didn't hit him with the puzzle piece, I was just making a nice hat for him. And then she growls at him. What she lacks in vocabulary, she makes up for in primal guttural noises. Poor little fourth child, his mommy just keeps taping. He's a tough one though - he goes back for more.

It's been downhill from here. Yesterday she got her first real, live, Mommy-made-sure-it-hurt spanking for whacking the crap out of his little fuzzy duck head with a caster wheel.

And so it begins.

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PS - Did anyone but Walker and me rewind Amy Winehouse saying "My Blake, my Blake incarcerated" over and over again last night and giggle and giggle? Anyone?? That's gonna end up on t-shirts.


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