Sunday, February 17, 2008


You know sometimes someone will come up with a photo that shows a big blur in the middle of a room, and they claim it is a spirit?
Look at this.
Could someone be trying to contact us from The Other Side?

Could be!
(Grandpa, is that you? Where'd you hide the money, Grandpa??)

Or, it could be that a certain preschooler got aholt of his mommy's camera and put a big fingerprint over the lens.

Little spit...try again...

Here is what happens to the best laid weekend renovation plans
when Daddy comes down with the flu.

Yeah, not a whole lot.

Here's what Shep and Sissy contributed.

Yeah, not a whole lot.
But it certainly was done with a merry heart.

Tomorrow Daddy has President's Day off, and I am praying he will feel better, for both altruistic and selfish reasons. Hopefully then I'll make better progress.

Pretty color though, huh? Think Nate will approve?

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