Friday, February 29, 2008


Sniff. They're gone. My baby's curls are gone. Sniff.

The fact that her hair was in especially fine rattail form did ease the pain a little bit.

But they were ringlets. Sniff. Ratty, dirty ringlets bordering on dredlocks, but ringlets. And now they're gone. Insert stifled sob.

Cool Cuts for Kids, man, what a racket. The waiting area is preschool retail heaven, full of princess Barbies and Disney Cars and pink sunglasses. I had to admire their shrewd marketing even while resenting being oppressed by it. And the people there are slow as Christmas. During our thirty minute wait, I chatted to a mom who was bringing in her 11 month old daughter for her fourth haircut. I said, "oh, this is my daughter's first," and when she asked an amazed "How old is she?" I kind of felt like a dork. But, I know I don't have to tell you that her little girl's hair was straight as a board. Not a ringlet in sight. I'd of cut it too. Sniff.

I had willingly submitted to being exploited there because, the last time I took a child to get a cheapo haircut, the result was abysmal. I always meet these moms whose kids have darling haircuts that they paid some old crotchety barber four bucks for. I pay $8 and we are still waiting for what Walker calls Shepherd's Asylum Look to grow out. I figured, I learned my lesson. For $20, they'll do my baby right, right?


Finally her name is called and she choses the firetruck swivel chair and the Barbie Swan Lake DVD, and Eva Rose delights in her very first beauty shop experience.

She was a very good girl, and I was too - I did not let my tears actually spill down my cheeks, only puddle precariously in my eyes as each precious curl falls silently out of my life.

After she finishes, the lady takes her Polaroid and gives me the curls in the "Baby's First Haircut" folder, we pay the $20, get some lollipops, and go home, and rave for the rest of the evening about her gorgeous new do.

Then this morning, when it was completely dry, my mom brushed it and said, "Come take a look at this - is this straight?"

What do y'all think?




Did I mention how much I paid for my baby's first haircut?


For what my mom used to do to me for free in front of the bathroom mirror.

So, off we go again this afternoon, this time with two bonus siblings to navigate through toyland, wait another forty five minutes for Sissy to get another day of beauty. Y'all, there was a full inch difference between the left side and the right side. We could have just given Shep or Maggie the green kindergarten scissors and let them have a go, and gotten the same effect!

Miss Diana made it right and we will be booking our $20 with her from now on. This time, it really does look cute.

My baby girl has no more of her baby hair.

And I am reminded again that she's growing up way too fast.

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