Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Baby Name Rejects

** Here be my Thursday Thirteen post that I forgot about until 10:30 Thursday night!! **

We, obviously, like to give our kids unique names. I like to think the names we have chosen are unique, without being weird. Which is good, because, it is turning out that our begottens are a little weird enough as it is. Hereditarily so.

Last weekend I was driving to a friend's baby shower and started to thinking about all the names we passed over. Quite a list. And it occurred to me that several of the names that Walker liked that I gagged over at the time, I kinda like now. They have grown on me. In five years. I think that might be a sign that they are still perhaps gaggable...but just not to us. is my first Thursday Thirteen list - Baby Name Rejects. Many of which, you will see, qualified as unique but not as "not weird" so...scratch.

1-3 Wyatt, Warren, Woods - yes, you see a theme. For several generations the men in Walker's family have been named a W name + Eugene. Yup, Eugene. Walker wanted to keep this tradition alive and although I secretly believed that some generational sins just need to come to an end, I am all about tradition, so I was willing to suck it up. Fortunately he decided that he didn't like any of the W names enough to choose one just to keep the name tradition going. W is for whew.

I do love the name Woods tho. My mom is from a teeny tiny place in East Texas called Woods Post Office. That's right outside the thriving metropolis of Tenaha. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood on my grandparents' farm in Woods, I dreamed of naming a baby boy after it. Enter guffawing ix-naying husband. Sigh.

4. Jack - Once he let the W+Eugene dream die, Walker begged for Jack because he believed it to be the quintessential manly name. I agree, it is a very cool name. It is so cool that it is ranked number 36 in the country, and in our neck of suburbia, it must be higher. Everywhere I went I would hear a mom calling "Jaaaack" and I was kind enough to report that back to him every time. He finally relented, mainly because I wanted John Walker as the proper name, and he said that reminded him of either this or this, neither of which really represented the dreams and desires we had for our infant son.

5. Seamus
- Walker swears we never considered this one but I know we did. It's in Shep's baby book as a contender.

6. Eamonn
- another cool Irish name that never made the cut

7. St. John
- ok, St. John is a very common name in England that is pronounced "Sinjin". I think it is so way cool and John is Walker's favorite gospel. But we decided it would just be too hard to go through life having to explain his name a minimum of fourteen times to every single American he came across.

8. Salem
- Ah, Salem. I still mourn the loss of Salem. It means Peace and I just think it is so beautiful, and it was still so soon after 9/11, that I thought naming a child Peace would be so beautiful in a Christian hippie kinda way. The problem arose when we visited Salem, Massachusetts and discovered it to be the falsest, most godless town that could possibly exist in America. I could still get past that but Walker couldn't. Well, that, and the fact that everyone we mentioned it to went "SALEM? As in Witch Trials?" My indignant response of, "No, Salem, as in PEACE, as in the original name for Jerusalem!" was met with 'He will so get beat up on the playground." Or the fact that people would think it was Saleem and that we were Muslim, which would be fine, except we're not = confusion. Ok, ok, y'all won. Happy now? Sniff. Someday I am gonna have me a dog and name him Salem.

9. Elijah -
Great name, but is creeping up the charts. There is nothing wrong with common names, they are common because they are beautiful, usually. We just didn't want our kids to think their name always had our last initial attached to it. Said Melissa, 7th most popular name of 1970.

10. Cormac
- Cormac McCarthy is Walker's all time favorite author. But Sean and Stephanie had already laid claim to the name. And you know how it goes when someone "steals" someone's baby can get ugly. They would have to fight over it, someone could lose an eye....we let it go. Cause we are all about family Salem.

11. Clovelly - Clovelly is a charming little village in England. I visited it long ago and was raving about its beauty to Walker - it is like a time warp back five hundred years ago, only better, cuz, like, there's no black plague and all - and Walker got all dreamy eyed and said, "Clovelly! Isn't that the most beautiful name! Can't you just see a little girl with curly hair named Clovelly?" My response was along the lines of, "um, ok, yeah, I guess." But by the time kids actually came around, I no longer liked it. But you know what? I do now. Eva Rose is a total Clovelly. So, maybe someday we'll get our Clovelly.

12. Clementine
- I wanted this for Ingram. Goes so well with Evangeline and Magdalene. Walker nixed it. Meany. But, probably a good thing since Ingram was a boy anyway.

13. Ivy
- still like this one. Ivy Hope was supposed to be our girl. Ivy is creeping up the charts however. I predict it will be in the top 25 by 2018 (you heard it here first, kids!)

So, there you go! Thirteen babies that never beed.

See, Jen, I told you there wouldn't be many leftovers worth eating!


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