Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time for a heartcut

When Evangeline Rose popped out of the womb, the first exclamations of the onlookers, after "She's so BIG!" (ten pounds, thank you very much) were
"Look at all that hair!"

She had a full head of black, silky, curly hair. Hair which I have been thrilled to accessorize, literally, since the day she was born.

Here she is at her baptism. My mom called these her Marcel Marceau curls.

When she lost her hair at four months, the top and side curls remained,
and she entered her Hasidic Jew phase. She wore it well.

As she grew older, it got a little lighter and the curls turned to ringlets.
They were absolutely beautiful.

I have had so much fun putting bows in this little girl's hair
over the past three and a half years.

Which is why I have been in denial for several months now
about the fact that....Sister needs a haircut. Her first.

Walker's been saying this for weeks now, but I held off as long as I could.
For some reason, in the last six months it has grown like crazy. It is way past her invisible toddler bra. It's almost to her toddler badonkadonk. And those ringlets are looking more like knots. Especially when dredged in morning oatmeal or yogurt.

Every morning after I roll my eyes while ignoring her tortured screams, occasionally bopping her in the head with the brush while saying KEEP. STILL. through clenched teeth, brush it,
the Breck Girl appears.

For about thirty seconds.
Then the rats come make their nest in it and stay there all day.

I needed to hear it from someone else, and that's why God gave us girlfriends: to tell us when our children look like ragamuffins.
Only if we ask them first, of course.
After reviewing emailed photos, Jenny confirmed it tonight.
It's time for a makeover.

This is the reason for my angst.

Here's Shep (aka the Hobbit) at about sixteen months.

He, too, once had gorgeous ringlets.
We put off giving him a haircut as long as we could. Finally, his gender was questioned and that settled it. As my baby boy's blonde curls fell to the floor, I cried, knowing I would never see them again.

I am so scared that once Eva Rose's curls are gone,
I'll never see them again either.

Sigh. Tomorrow, we'll head to Cool Cuts for Kids and find out.

I will try not to cry too loud.

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