Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Let me preface this post by stating that I am about a week into full fledged insomnia. So I am spending this most romantic of days as a couch blob until I go try to hit the hay for what will probably be another fruitless endeavor. So excuse me for being blobby.

Several of you have asked how the Lenten Promise is's not going so well. I have told myself that God knows I meant it when I said it. But I think that, on nights when I was awake untill 2, awakened again at 4, and just dozed off at 5:30, he is letting it slide that I don't pop up at 6am.

The husband has always referred to me as Princess and the Pea. I need the pillows just so, the thermostat just so, the thread count just so, and the exact decible of white noise in order to sleep. In the past year I have added earplugs to my regimen because of Walker's increasing snoring.

I love my husband, my funny Valentine, for so many reasons. He is the most generous, selfless husband that could ever be. He is funny, brilliant, sacrificing, long-suffering, sweet, sensible, loving, precious, adorable.

But at 4 o'clock in the morning, after I have finally succombed to the experimental sleep enhancing cocktail du jour, and my beloved shatters my long sought slumber with a fart or a snort so loud that it wakes me up through the earplugs, I am overwhelmed by such visceral animosity that I must supress the urge to smother him with a down pillow.

Instead I nudge him. I nudge him hard. I nudge him hard.

His Valentine gift to me? I am sleeping alone tonight. All alone. Just me and my eight pillows. All. Alone. Irony in a heart shaped box.

On to happier thoughts.

I realized in this previous post that I have two copies of a certain wonderful book and therefore, I am going to give one away for Valentine's. A more organized woman would have planned this beforehand, and probably tacked it on to Shannon's giveaway carnival last month - yeah, well, that same organized woman would have also taken her Christmas tree down already.

This is my first bloggy giveaway, and I don't have a clue what I am doing. Just leave a comment and on, let's say Sunday, I will draw a name somehow.

Ok, so here is the giveaway. This book, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

You can read the reviews about it online so I am not going to say too much except that I really like Donald Miller. If you know anyone who is say, 20-something, not really sure how they feel about Christianity or the modern church, this is a great book for them - or you. He definitely loves Jesus but doesn't flower down the problems faced by the Church today, the very problems that turn a lot of people off to it. I can tell you right now, Walker's grandma would have zero appreciation for this book. But I have a lot of friends, especially those of the less-than-conservative persuasion, who would be very intrigued by Jesus when presented by Donald Miller. And that is a blessed thing. Or, if you want to think about your own faith in a very different way, you will enjoy this book yourself.

So leave your comment here friends...

Good night, please, please, let it be a good night.

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