Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a difference some laminate makes

Oh, glory, it's been a busy day.

First of all, I had to take four children to go stand in line for an hour for preschool registration at 8:00 this morning. If standing in line with four toddlers isn't tortuous enough, Eva Rose had a fever of 102 last night and Shep is feeling warm. My mom was busy and Walker had an Important Meeting so I was Mom Against the World.

Now mothers day out / preschool registration is a rite of Spring here in the quasi South. I never knew MDO was a Southern thing until one of my best friends moved to Seattle with her toddler and begin to inquire about MDO and got looks like she had just asked where the fried pork rinds were. She was told they only had these things called co-ops and the moms had to teach the classes. I mean, it's called Mother's Day Out for a reason, ok, y'all??

Down here where we know how to treat a mommy, registration can get fierce. A certain school nearby had parents lining up at 1am like they were camping out for Hannah Montana tickets. Our's is not so brutal but by 7:45am, there were already 50 or so parents in front of me. Anyway, praise to a merciful Father, it didn't go nearly as bad as I feared and we were done by nine. On to more chaos because....

Last night I received a call about 7pm from our contractor, Wes, stating that he had an off day in his very busy schedule, and could come this morning and lay the floors in our master bedroom. Because I had just finished inhaling from my crack pipe, I said sure, come on. Ok I wasn't really smoking crack (it's Lent) but about an hour later I decided that I must have inhaled some second hand crack smoke because due to the aforementioned issues, today was NOT A GOOD DAY.

Let me just state that we heart Mr. Wes. Most people tolerate or even hate their contractors, but Mr. Wes is wonderful and he is Shep's favorite non-relative man-person alive. He practically lived here in October when we had a ton of renovation done but ran out of time to do the bedroom floors. We had the material and thanks to the Tax Refund Fairy, we were ready to get it done. And it needed to be done.

Now Nate has informed me many, many times that the master bedroom is supposed to be a romantic retreat and trust me, our's is not. It looked much more like a dorm room. A tacky, messy boy's dorm room. Sans the funky boy's dorm room smell, thank goodness. I called the way we 'chose' to decorate it Early College Castoff. Early College Castoff Surprised by Pregnancy. After Pregnancy. After Pregnancy. After Pregnancy. It was so sad. Don't believe me? Look.

And there is this issue with the floor and the walls. That black stuff, that would printer ink. And if you look closely, under the white paint you can decipher lots of little handprints. Uh huh. That is a post waiting to be written, and it will, it will.

But now, dear readers, behold our new bedroom and bathroom!

It hasn't been this clean since the day we toured this house. There is NOTHING but AIR underneath this bed y'all!!

Not only that, but our ceiling fan now have this new fancy thing called a pull chain to replace the one that a certain little boy broke. No more burnt fingertips from turning out the lights by twisting the lightbulbs! Yippee!!

The bathroom before (gee, wonder how that nail polish stain got on the carpet??):

The bathroom after.

This be the Ugliest, Weirdest Shower in America. Someday we might tackle this, but one ridiculously expensive project at a time.

This is our cantankerous toilet, which had been really leaking for a week or so. Ergo, the carpet was moldy. And stinky. And whenever you sat on it, your socks would get damp. And we were turning the water on and off each time we peed. Or walking to the guest potty. Yup, that's Lifestyles of the Poor and Toddlerful for ya. Glam, I know.

This is our toilet now, fixed in about five minutes by the fabulous Mr. Wes (and saving us a $200 plumbing bill). It's a thing of beauty, yes?

Finally, the throne I deserve!

Now, the downside (in addition to realizing that I had a bra hanging off a doorknob the whole time the guys were here.)

I need to paint. Ugh. I hate painting.

And everything else that was in the master bedroom, of course I want to clean and organize before I move back, not to mention decorate into something Nate would approve of.

Which means this is what my dining/living/we've never really figured out what to call it room looks like.

Oh, and did I mention I haven't taken down our Christmas tree yet? I haven't taken down our Christmas tree yet.

Sigh. When I survey the wondrous mess, it just makes me want to cry.

But, I do have me some purty floors.

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