Thursday, March 20, 2008


What I got done today, with only one Benadryl drugged little boy to take care of (he IS sick, I promise). I would include photographs, if my camera weren't in Dallas.

1 - I think I took a double dose of CoQ10. I couldn't remember if I took it or not, so I took it...and, well, it's 10:40pm and I am still wired so, yeah. Amazing how much one Mommy of one can accomplish on 200mg of Mother's Little Helper

2 - Went through all of my baby boy clothes. These were all Shep's, and you wouldn't think that, like, baby boy clothes would go out of style in three or four years, would you? I mean, cute is cute, right? HA. In case you were wondering, large plaids and stripes were what all the fashionable infant boys were sporting in 2004. 2008, eh, not so much. A much simpler print time now, 'tis. Like this for instance, on Shepherd. It is SO '03. Perish the thought.

(managed to get a photo in after all!)

Bagged unfashionable clothes for donating, and fashionable clothes for Carol's new baby Max, whom, I might add, she brought into the world a couple of weeks ago with no epidural. Now, that would be very impressive had he weighed only 10 ounces, in my wimpy, just say yes to drugs opinion. But it is freaking amazing if he weighed ten pounds and nine ounces, WHICH HE DID. All hail Queen Carol!

3 - Boxed up all the girls' winter clothes and pulled out all their spring and summer clothes, including their white shoes. Deliberated over whether to keep Maggie's 24 month winter clothes, because even though she will be 3 in December, she is so tiny. More big bags for donating, and smaller bags for a consignment sale that is coming up next weekend. Told myself twenty times that my girls need NO MORE CLOTHES.

4 - Marveled at how many summer tshirts I bought on clearance from Target last year. I mean, obviously momnentia is setting in, because even though they were marked down to $1.23, they just didn't need eight apiece. I constantly shop ahead - if something is a good price, no matter what size it is, I buy it, store it, and forget about it. Which means cleaning out closets is a little bit like Christmas. Never know what I'll find.

5 - Marveled at how many Christmas t-shirts I bought on clearance last year at Target.

6 - Ignored slightly guilty feelings at throwing the handmedown Barbie boots in the donate bag. Because even though they are totally scuffed up and flat out ugly, Eva Rose would be in heaven with the Barbie junk on them. Mommy embarrassment trumped Sissy elation. Won't be the first time, won't be the last.

7 - Put new pink floral velcro sandals and very, very cute surprise strappy white sandals in Eva Rose's shoe rack, and anticipation of her joy helped assuage guilt from ditching ugly Barbie boots.

8 - Convinced myself that even though we may have a few more days that go below 70, I can still go ahead and pack up the girls' sweaters now. Then took them back down. Then packed them back up.

8.5 - Paused in my work every ten minutes or so to comfort Ingram, who is new at this pulling up thing, and has at least five banana bruises on his forehead to prove it. And now a busted lip as well. Discovered that the "I love you a bushel and a peck" song stops most all his tears. Good to know.

9 - Listened to two DVRed American Justices (need to know about Heidi Fleiss?) and two O'Reilly Factors by blaring them so I could hear them all the way upstairs (I can't stand a silent house.) Yes, cutting down the DVR list is an accomplishment. The unwatched programs haunt me.

10 - Tried to call She Speaks to pay for my registration fee, but couldn't find credit card

11 - Dressed Ingram in a spiffy new-ish outfit, drove to my inlaws to get the girls, ate a divine filet mignon grilled by my father-in-law, drove home and dumped three sleeping kids in bed (love it when that happens)

12 - Talked to Shep on phone in Dallas, who instantly asked, do you miss me?

I got a lot done.

So, why is my list of Undone Things still looming so largely??

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