Monday, March 3, 2008


Sunday afternoon, Shepherd came downstairs like this. He had dressed himself.

Our boy is the Uber Boy, completely obsessed with monster trucks and weed-whackers, able to destroy any object within seconds of getting his hands on it. So despite being subjected to Clinton and Stacy and Tim Gunn on a regular basis, he has thus far neglected to show any interest whatsoever in fashion. I take that back, he does have an affinity for black socks. With everything. Which speaks volumes.
Therefore you can understand that I was surprised and pretty impressed with this get up he pulled together!

When looking at these photos, I had one of those, oh no, I think I am looking into my future. Is this the face of my teenage son?

If so, it matches the face of my 16 year old daughter, who appeared for a moment recently. Doesn't she look like she's about to ask for the car keys?

Aye yi yi. We will have four kids in high school at once. Four. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. All bribed and encouraged to tattle on each other daily.

Then we'll have four kids in college. At once.
You'll be able to find us in a box under the overpass. I'll hold the sign saying "Will Blog for Food."

Eva Rose has a very fashionable new t-shirt as well.
It's actually the greatest shirt I have ever seen.

It cost $4 at Walgreens.
Just in case you were thinking someone in your house might need one...

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