Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Procrastination station

Ho hum. I am supposed to be making invitations for Ingram's first birthday party. It is March 29, and they should have already been in the mail days ago. But I have an urge to sit on my badonkadonk and procrastinate instead, which seems to be an ever increasing habit of mine. Then Walker just pointed out that Top Chef starts back up again tonight - oh, no he di int.

Anyway, I did take the initiative at least today to take photos of him for the invitation. Why? Because I am a big fat sucker for tradition. Knowing that, I really should have scaled down Shep's first birthday party and not made it a humongous to-do inviting fifty or so of our nearest and dearest, complete with a homemade invitation with his photo on it. Had I known I would have three more babies in the next two point five years, with three more big baptism brunches where I insist on doing all the food, maybe I would have chilled a little. But, once you have one big huge blowout for one kids' first birthday, you have to do it for all of them (right about chere is where my husband would feel the need to interject No you don't. That's just stupid. He's a baby, he could care less. Blow it off. To which I say, Get thee behind me, Satan! It's my party and I'll stress myself to death if I want to!)

As it is, the kids in this house get one gigantic stressful shindig when they turn one. And then they don't get anything else for subsequent birthdays but family parties catered by their loving grandmas. Until they ask for more - which has not happened yet and is not being encouraged.

And, each party must have a theme. This year is Cowboy. How did I settle among this carefully chosen theme, amidst all the endless possibilities? Cause we went to baby Carter's first birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and his mom and Walker's coworker Ashley had decorated so cute, that when I told her I might rip her off, she said she would pack it all up in a box and bring it to Walker at work. Voila. Houston, we have a theme.

I started to take photos of Ike inside but my Canon Powershot always goes blurry in low light (if anyone can tell me how to make it not do that, I'll make you a mixed tape). Plus I thought the ever present regurgitated Similac on his jammies might be distracting. So since it was a gorgeous 70 degrees outside (sorry, my Minnesota friends, try not to hate me) I stripped him down and took him outside, soggy diaper and all. And here is the most precious little cowpoke experiencing grass on his knees.

Oh, he's so yummy. Enjoy!

this is the winner for the invites!

"How do you think I maintain my Buffest Baby title?
By dropping and giving fifty a day, man!"

Ok, back to a party to plan...

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