Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am the mother of one

When Shep was born, it was hard. Then Eva Rose came along, and we said, "Man, one kid was easy, what were we complaining about?" then Maggie came along, and we said, "Man, two kids are easy, what were we complaining about?" Then Ike came along, and we have certainly said, "Man, three kids was so easy!"

Well, today, I am to have a flashback to that hard one year with just Shepherd. The girls are at their Mimi's, and I just put Shepherd and Walker in the car to visit Unky Dave in Dallas...I have ONE CHILD today, who as of 8:23am, is still sleeping!!!

Oh, the things I will accomplish today!!!!

By the way, Dave Stotts is Walker' best friend - I met them both at the same time at a picnic - and Dave stars in a TV show on History Channel International called Drive Thru History (it also comes on TBN in the middle of the night.) DTH was a series originally geared to homeschoolers, and there is a great homeschool curriculum available. Walker wrote many of the screenplays, which was easy for him since he and Dave share one rather twisted brain. You can see their work here, and if you look carefully, you can see Walker's cameo appearance - he is the cop that jumps up in Dave's window.

Oh, I'll just imbed it. Here is a promo for the Ben Franklin episode, which Walker wrote. Yeah, I'm proud of him. :) The series also has amazing graphics, which Dave does all himself. I am proud of him too.

Off to clean out closets!!

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