Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm not pregnant, I just look like I am

Wow, I guess I touched a nerve with moms across America! I don't think I've ever gotten that many comments before! I LOVE it. Comments make my heart sing. And for the record, not one kid mentioned goodie bags. I planned on giving balloons out, because every child I know thinks a balloon is the greatest gift anyhow. But, of course, I forgot to do that too.

I will post the word photo-ful recap of Ike's party tomorrow. Until then, let me just recount an example of my own stupidity. With visual aids.

Here I am at Shepherd's first birthday party:

And at Eva Rose's:

(the girl weighed 25 pounds, in addition to the 25 inside of me - it was a relief to hand her over to Mimi)

And at Maggie's:

There's a theme, aside from the obvious.
I am humongously pregnant in each photo.

This was the first first birthday party I have ever hosted where I was not greeeeeeat with child. So I was quite excited about the prospect of taking a photo with sweet baby Ike and looking, while I am not even close to skinny, at least skinnier than I have in years past.

I have been anticipating this photo op almost as much as the party.

So why, oh why, did I wear a top that makes me LOOK pregnant, even though I am not??

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