Friday, March 28, 2008

Inhale. Exhale.

Kroger. Basket full of two children, two cases of water, two cantaloupes, two pickle jars, and a bunch of other random party stuff + groceries. This after a Costco haul for hot dogs, buns, gigantic ketchups, Shiner Bock, three bags of potato chips, salsa and oatmeal. (No, we're not serving oatmeal at the party, but the Kirkland brand of organic oatmeal is delish.) Still need balloons, mustard, Coke, and wine coolers. And 1016 onions. And beans, dang it, forgot beans.

6:22. Thought: CRAP! I totally forgot about goody bags!!

Ok, can we please just get a nationwide consensus to KILL goody bags? Please? Planning a birthday party is hectic enough and expensive enough without the annoyance of little baggies of plastic cheapos! Admit it, you don't want any more crazy balls and stickers and candy in your house! And anyway, the birthday mom never remembers them until half the kids are already gone and ends up ticked off that she was up until midnight stuffing them and then didn't even pass them all out!

Mommies Unite!!
Boycott goody bags!!

We can CHANGE THE WORLD!! One birthday party at a time!!

Who's with me??

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PS - The fact that my husband read this and said, "I don't get it? What's a goody bag?" is just one. more. reason...


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