Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reason number 35,207 why I love my husband.

For the record, number 35,206 would be because every Wednesday night he looks at me with an excited gleam in his eye and proclaims, "Ooooo, Project Runway is on tonight!" I mean, could a girl ask for more?

Oh, but she could.

Lately, I have been blue. Down in the dumps. Just kinda sad. Being sick plays a big part in that, because being under the weather when you have four little kids to care for can be depressing. But even after the Zpac kicked in, I was still blue. Things are going fine, there is no reason to be sad right now (praise God). I could not even blame it on the normal culprits and bains of my existence, the ruthless estrogen and progesterone. I just didn't know why I felt so crummy.

And when I get blue, I get a case of the horribles. Things run through my brain along the lines of, "I'm a horrible mother. I'm a horrible wife. I'm a horrible neighbor, a horrible daughter." Blah blah blah. Which of course makes it all way worse. Endless cycle of suck, as my dear husband would say.

I had a teary discussion with that husband a few nights ago, and after praying and sleeping on it, I figured out the problem.

I am depressed because I have not gotten out of the house to socialize but once in a good month.

I have had no more than a 10 minute discussion with a member of the same sex in a loooong time. Due to illness, I missed bunko, and moms' night out with with my neighborhood girlfriends. I have not been answering the phone because I just felt so lousy.

I am a Myers-Briggs ENFP (I will post on this later, because it is really facinating). The E stands for Extrovert, which means much more than the fact that I always the chattiest, last to leave person at a party. Being an extrovert means that I get my batteries recharged by being around others (introverts get their's recharged by solitude). Which is why, when I come home from an evening with friends, I am so riled up that I can't sleep (hence the 1am blog posts) and also means, if you deny me of socialization, I get bona-fide depressed. Food, water, shelter, clothing, and girl talk. That's the sustenance this momma requires.

I revealed this revelation to my husband and fellow ENFP the next morning, who was relieved that that's all it was. And here comes reason 35, 207 why he is the Greatest Husband Ever. This is the email he sent out to my girlfriends Holly, Leah and JillAnn within hours:

Special, most glorious friends of Missy!

Urgently, most pressingly, you are being summoned to service, ala, the "Batman Signal".

Now, instead of a big "bat" symbol imagine that its a big "M" image instead.
Can you see it? There it is....over the horizon!

To the bat cave, Robin! Someone needs our help! Excelsior!

Alas, Missy, my wife, is feeling most blue these days. The reason for her malaise is a whole slew of things. She's been pretty sick these past two weeks, which always sucks, plus the kids have been particularly difficult and disobedient, but mostly she is in disparate need for meaningful, intelligent, preferably wine-complemented adult female conversation.

As scintillating as my conversation is, something vital and womanly is missing, it seems.

I will work with you to cover things here at "home base" if you guys answer the clarion call and endeavor to construct opportunities to, 1) meet with Missy, perhaps at a festive, well-appointed watering hole in town, 2) chat with Missy about whatever things women talk about in the absence of men (clothes, lipstick, perfume, housework tips, how wonderful Dutch-Irish Presbyterian Product Managers from Texas are, etc.), and 3) drink wine and/or girly cocktails.

She is most anxious!
Please, please move heaven and Earth to achieve such a wonderful meeting!

When momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. (insert frowny face)

My wife's mental health is in your hands. Tomorrow night is bad as I have to work really late. However, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening works.

Grace and Peace, Walker

And glory, glory hallelujah, my precious friends answered the call. Above and beyond. I just found this email in my inbox from JillAnn:

OK, here's the scoop:
As Holly predicted, the Trellis is pretty busy next Saturday. HOWEVER, I was able to do the following:

I booked Missy and Leah for Classic Pedis at 2pm
I booked myself for a facial at 2pm (never done this before, it could be pretty scary)
I booked Holly for a pedi at 2pm, but I don't think she wants this.

So, there were NO massages available all day and only 3 pedi spots together at 2pm. SO I basically panicked and took what they had. I DID put us on the waiting list for a massage if one becomes available, and I know for a fact that they have a mani available at that time.

I did not inquire about other services (waxes, body treatments, etc). Their number is 713-685-6790 if y'all want to change your services!

Brunch beforehand?

-JA is even better than I envisioned...because the Trellis, oh, the Trellis Spa...

Trellis is at one of my favorite places on earth, the Houstonian. I took my bridal portraits there and had my bachelorette party there as well (dinner, then girlfriend slumber party). But the beauty of Trellis is that, even if all you book is one service like a pedi, you still get a fluffy white robe, and little spa shoes, and you get to hang out in the fireplace room and eat apples and drink water, and you get to go into the Momma's Died and Gone to Heaven Room (it's not really called that, but it should be) where it is dark and there are chaise lounges and the only sound comes from those zen like fountains tinkling, and you get to get in the hot tub and lay out by the Serenity Pool and read People. A full day of relaxation - all for the cost of a pedi.

It's a taste of heaven. With a pedicure. And I can't wait!!!

(PS - it's NEXT Saturday, not today! Sorry I wasn't clear!)

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