Monday, March 24, 2008

Short hello

I lost my camera on Saturday. Which is a major bummer. Not only because the camera I had was to replace the one I lost in November - yes, that would be five hundred dollars of lost cameras in four months, which makes me want to throw up - but also because it had photos from the egg hunt on Saturday morning, including the first very decent family photo we have had taken. And pictures of Maggie screaming her head off on a choo choo train and having to be removed. And photos of my friends and me at Trellis, which were going to be shared here, with celebrity faces interposed over their unmadeup but ohsorelaxed faces. And more that I don't want to think about or I might cry.

So, first off, can anyone recommend a good camera for under $300? I had the Canon Powershot, because of the fast shutter speed, but I am hesitant to get another one, because of the blurry photos in low light. But I know nothing about cameras and cannot handle a really complicated one. Any suggestions?

Also, I have to say have POSITIVELY THRILLED I am that a certain book is number seven on the NY Times best seller list: The Reason for God by Tim Keller. Tim Keller is the pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, which is a member of the PCA, the denomination that we are former members of, and would be still but for logistical issues. He is an amazingly gifted pastor. As part of our premarital counseling, we listened to his tapes on marriage and they were wonderful. I have done a bible study of his as well and heard other sermons. He is solid, highly intelligent, amazing servant and apologist for Christ. And after watching Joel Osteen yesterday on TV 'preach' on how God wants me to be rich (not just barely gettin by, barely payin' my bills, but overflowin' in prosperity!) - oh, the only thing that was being contorted more than the Word of God was the Easter dinner in my stomach - I am over the moon that a solid Christian pastor is at number seven!! Whoo hoo! Because the top ten is usually reserved for the heretics, y'all!!

Walker purchased the book last night and we read the first chapter and it's awesome. It is a thoughtful, challenging, easy to read book for non-believers, and for the rest of us, it greatly helps to answer their questions. So get yourself on down to Barnes & Nobel and let's get it to number one!!

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