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WFMW - How to make Resurrection Eggs

Way back when I was a prekindergarten teacher, I taught my kids the story of Easter with about a dozen books and by making Resurrection Eggs. It always amazed me how four year olds could tell the detailed story by going through these eggs. It covers all the different learning styles: visual, kinesthetic...and, um, the other ones I used to know back when I used to sleep. The main one is kinesthetic, which is fancy teacher went to a workshop speak for "hands-on."

Now that I have my own personal prek kid (yippee!) we made these today at home and I am going to make them with Shepherd's class tomorrow.

I assembled my list from tweaking various ones I read online. All of these materials can be easily found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and probably a good many can be bought at a good dollar store. I also have the printouts for the scriptures and a pretty top for the egg carton...if you email me, I can email you the Word docs. And I laminate them too.

Here is what you will need:

  1. empty egg carton
  2. a dozen plastic Easter eggs
  3. crackers, oyster crackers work great, or a broken Saltine
  4. nickels or dimes
  5. a feather
  6. leather lace, cut into a two inch strip
  7. a little strip of purple cloth
  8. thorns - bougainvilleas work best
  9. small cross
  10. nails
  11. a sponge cut into small pieces and some vinegar to dip it in
  12. white cloth, gauze works great, sprinkled with cinnamon or other spice
  13. a stone
  14. The last egg is kept empty to represent the empty tomb!
Then all you do is have the child take an egg and the item to go inside, explain what it was used for, and close the egg. I think I am going to number the bottom of the egg carton 1-12 with a Sharpie, to tell them which slot to put each egg in.

They always want to taste the vinegar (my kids like vinegar and spent the rest of the time sucking their little sponge - little weirdos) and they also want to taste the cinnamon, just be careful, if they're not from Texas, it might burn their tongues.

Here are the scriptures that correspond with the eggs (I am copying from the Word doc so it looks kinda funky):

1. A cracker reminds us of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples before his crucifixion. Matt. 26: 17-19, 26-29; Exodus 12:23

2. The coins remind us of the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Jesus into the hands of the Jewish leaders. Matt. 26:14-16

3. A feather reminds us of the rooster that crowed three times and the three times Peter denied knowing Jesus after he was arrested. Matt. 26:69-75; Luke 22:56-61

4. A leather strip reminds us of the whip used to give Jesus 39 lashes after his trial by Pilate. Luke 22:63-65

5. The purple cloth reminds us of the purple robe that the guards put on Jesus because purple is the color for royalty. The soldiers laughed and spit on him. They didn’t believe that Jesus was King of the Jews. John 19:1-15; Matt. 27:26-31

6. Thorns remind us of the crown of thorns the soldiers put on Jesus’ head. The thorns cut his head. Mark 15:17

7. The cross reminds us that Jesus was put to death on a cross. Jesus had to carry it to a place called “the Place of the Skulls.” John 19:17

8. The nails remind us that Jesus was nailed to the cross. They put the nails in each hand and through his ankles. Later Jesus said, “It is finished.” He then bowed his head and died. John 19:18; John 19:30

9. The sponge reminds us of how the soldiers tortured Jesus when he was on the cross. He said he was thirsty and they put the sponge up to his lips, but it was not water, it was vinegar. John 19:31-37; Matt. 27-48

10. The cloth and the spices remind us of how Jesus’ body was prepared to be put in the tomb. Matt 27:57-61; John 19:40

11. A stone reminds us of the big stone which was used to seal Jesus’ tomb. On Easter morning an angel of the Lord rolled the stone away so all could see inside the tomb. Matt 27:60, Matt 28:2


The empty egg reminds us of Jesus’ empty tomb. HE IS RISEN, HE IS ALIVE! This is the happy news of Easter! Matt 28:5-6

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