Sunday, April 20, 2008


2. I am thankful for my sweet husband who watches our children and lets me sleep the day away.

I am anemic, or getting sick, or something. All I know is during Sunday School, my head stayed on Walker's shoulder and my eyes closed. In church, I actually had to leave and curled up in the prayer room and slept. Then I came home and napped for two hours. Then I napped again for almost three hours. Weird, huh? No, I promise I am not pregnant. Don't know what my problem is.

Maybe having all these kids has finally sent me over the edge?

I have several blog posts twirling around my brain but am too tired to think hard enough to write them.

So, I am taking questions. Maybe questions specific to us, maybe questions about life in general. Just make sure they don't involve any math. Anything else. Just leave your question in the comments section, and I will answer them tomorrow. Unless it requires research and then it might take longer.

This could get interesting, huh?

I am so nosey, I would be in heaven if some of my blogging friends did this.

Hint hint.

And, um, this would be a fabulous time to delurk...

I will answer one right now that Claire asked yesterday, regarding how we named Evangeline. I had read the name in a children's chapter book when I was about ten years old. I do not remember the name of the book, except I think it was about a little girl whose little sister got leukemia, and then she watched her hippie neighbors have a baby and they named him Happy, which even as a little girl I thought was so dumb (the 70s...) Anyway I thought Evangeline was beautiful, even before I knew what it meant. When we found out we were having a girl, I never even mentioned the name, because I thought I would never find someone else who liked it, let alone marry him. And then one day Walker actually said, "What about Evangeline?" and I looked at him with wonder and said, "I have always loved that name." and he said "Ok, there's her name," I and I had one of those We were meant to be together moments. She was named Rose after my great grandmother Rosa Belle, and we went with Eva Rose because I love double names. (It took months to sell Walker on that.)

I also cannot think of a better name for a child. I do not believe I have the gift of evangelism - even though I have heard more than once that is no excuse. It is very easy for me to write about my faith, or to teach other believers about the gospel. But to go up and evangelize a perfect stranger scares me half to death. (I was raised Methodist, what can I say.) I am praying my kids won't have that issue.


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