Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shout out

Gotta share - Jenny at A Latte Talk has an awesome post right here

A Latte Talk: Ding, ding...

Jenny is one of those funny Minnesota girls, like Kelly. Something about the hair in your nostrils turing to ice ten months out of the year must breed humor. I think for me it would just breed a lot of whining. Which is why I live here in the Republic, where it is currently 77 degrees, sunny, with about three clouds in the sky and the bluebonnets are blooming. In God's country.

You can remind me I said this when God hands the wheel over to Satan come July, but we're not there yet so today I shall bask in the beauty.

Which reminds me of something totally random. Once Walker was watching a short lived reality show called Am I Hot? Actually I should say he was glimpsing at it, because slaves to reality TV though we may be, even we have our standards and Am I Hot? would be beneath them.

Anyway during his brief foray he was blessed to see the interview with a woman who was about to display her hotness for the judges, or whatever. They asked her how she intended to do that and she replied:

"I'm just gonna go up there and exude my beautiness."

And that, my friends, is why we watch reality TV. For moments like that.

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