Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Six Word Memoir

I have a new bloggy friend, Claire, in New Zealand. Kiwis have got to be the nicest people in the world, by the way. Maybe I too would be constantly nice if
anytime I got cranky I could walk outside and see the likes of this

Wow, it's utterly amazing how much New Zealand looks like Houston.

In my ever lovin' dreams.

Anyway, Claire and I have something huge in common: beautiful curly haired girls named Evangeline. And Claire tagged me with a meme.

The Rules:

1. Write your own Six-Word Memoir.

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want.

3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post.

4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.

5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Ok, so here's mine, which came to me immediately:

Without Christ, Complete and Utter Mess

Ok, so, I could also say With Christ, complete and utter mess, but that sounds kinda pathetic. This one is more hopeful, right?

Ok, and here are the lucky meme-ees:

Jenny - A Latte Talk
Jodie - The Sky is only Dark Between the Stars
Kelly - Love Well
Linda - Second Cup
Katie - Roses are Red, Violets are Violets
and, I have to add two more, because I really like this meme
Deirdre - Scream of Continuousness
Megan - Sorta Crunchy

And now, inspired by all the organizing that is going on in the blogosphere, I am off to clean out bathroom closets. Because Walker is coming home tomorrow from being in Vegas all week (bidness, not pleasure), and I would like it to look like I accomplished something while he was away.

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