Saturday, April 26, 2008

The story of Jenna

You are on a beach in Hawaii! Hawaii!
With sand in your teeth!
If you call him from Hawaii, he will think you are a LOSER!
You Cannot! Call! Him!"

With these words, a friendship began.

Around ten years ago, in my wilder period (back in the day, as my friend Shanna says), I was in Hawaii for the wedding of my ex-boyfriend, Damien. Weird, I know, but it was in Hawaii. I was invited, how could I not go? Another girl was there dateless, her name was Jennifer. Lonely losers love company when surrounded by couples in Hawaii, so we roomed together.

A couple of hours and a couple of pina coladas after we met, I got it in my head that I must call Court, a guy with whom I had just broken up, and whose name Walker just loves to make fun of. Must call him right now. Now. Right now. Call him. Now. I miss him. Where's the phone? Cause I'm calling Court! Now!

First Jenn tried to politely convince me otherwise. But those pina coladas were strong y'all and I refused to heed her counsel. I was gonna call Court. From a beach in Hawaii. With a big L sunburned on my forehead.

Finally, out of concern for my dignity and in the name of Sisterhood, she risked offending a girl she had just met, and said it straight up. Because friends don't let friends call ex-boyfriends from tropical islands. With sand in their teeth. No, no, no.

Her loving wisdom prevailed. I didn't call Court, and soon discovered that Jennifer was not only sweet and smart but incredibly funny as well. The friendship was sealed.

Here we are the New Year's Eve after we met, you know, back when we used to actually get dressed up and go out on New Year's Eve. I guess we were ringing in 1998. Or maybe we were partying like it was 1999. Can't recall.

That dress was tight, y'all. I mean, not hoochie tight, but definitely flat tummy tight. With horizontal stripes, no less. And I could pull it off. Without sucking in or even Spanx. And doesn't Jenn look gorgeous? In light refracting sequins?


Jenn lives in Dallas and over the last ten (ouch) years, we have become incredibly close, due to the beauty of the Internet. I have not seen the woman in four years, since she was pregnant with Jackson and I was pregnant with Eva Rose. And there went the flat tummies.

(That is what I look like not quite three months pregnant, by the way. Which explains a lot.) I have never met her babies, and she has only met a very small Shepherd.

Yet we email each other at least once a day, and often numerous times throughout the day. In ten years, we have been through many boyfriends, two husbands, two stepmothers, and seven children together. Sometimes we are spilling our hearts out about the struggles in our lives. Cyber-tears have been shed on cyber-shoulders more than once. Often we are discussing other things, like how we are going to copy each other's kid birthday party ideas. It's all very important stuff.

Lately my sweet Leah and Jenn have become virtual friends as well. I love it when my friends become friends.

Here is a list of the most recent emails we have sent each other:

* a very sketchy link from, which I think Jenn only subscribes to so that she can shock me and Leah with some of the things they promote

* a link to her friend's maternity pix (maternity pix freak me out, for the record. The pregnant woman is beautiful blah blah. They still freak me out. Maybe it's because I look seven months pregnant at three months pregnant so at seven months pregnant I look thirty months pregnant and it really just shouldn't be documented.) (But I am sure if you had them done then they are gorgeous. Just like Jenn's are.)

* a picture Jenny (not to be confused with Jenn) had sent to me of Hillary Clinton taking a shot of Crown Royal while campaigning in Pennsylvania (guess it worked)

* the link to the Supernanny application (desperate times...)

* the link to one of those websites where you can see if any child molesters live in your area and subsequently get totally paranoid

* Several emails from Jenn asking me to pray for Tricia, with whose story Jenn has become very emotionally involved

* and many, many "friends are like rainbows in the storm of life. Now forward this to ten people if you love Jesus" emails, which Jenn, Leah and I immediately and gleefully forward to each other whenever possible

Also, if you enjoy my blog, then you have her to thank. She bugged me for at least a year to start it. Once again, her persistence paid off and it was right for me to obey. I'm doin' it all for you, Jenn!

Ok, so the whole reason for this trip down Jenna-ry lane is because she asked me a question, and it was, what do I feed my kids for dinner?

I am going to answer this tomorrow. And I am going to ask for your favorite kid recipes, and do some Mr. Linky love, so go ahead and get ready to post them!

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