Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adoption update

Is really kinda boring. Sorry!

We went to the meeting, then went out afterwards for dinner and to Discuss. The consensus is this - we are going to take our time. It typically takes three months to complete all the paperwork, classes, etc etc. Super over achievers can do it in six weeks. We are gonna Bart Simpson it and take as long as it takes. I am in no hurry. I am thinking, in six months, we will get our application completed, and then maybe have a kiddo by Valentines? God willing? Who knows.

We are going for a boy/girl, white/black/brown/purple, ages 0-3. Or, so, that is the plan du jour. We do not want to usurp Shep as firstborn, especially as he is turning out to be a really wonderful firstborn. I want a baby, if possible, for obvious reasons, but we will just wait and see what God sends us. And are already praying for protection over our next child, where ever he or she may be tonight.

Wanna know the bummer? I mean seriously, I am sitting in this meeting and hearing about abused kids and thinking, I won't be able to blog about it. Not much anyway. We will be going through CPS and due to confidentiality reasons, I can't say much. Can you believe?? It will kill me.

So there is the update. :)

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